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If you don't already live in Southern California, you probably have no idea how vast the area is. When I first
moved to SoCal I thought I could live in Long Beach and commute to Burbank. In reality, that's a 2-hour
commute each way! So when I became a Realtor, I focus my real estate services in and around about 20
miles of Long Beach. Here is a brief a summary of a few of the primary communities I serve...
Long Beach is a large city with more than a dozen different areas. It has everything from $100k condos to
$3m estates; everything from a vibrant downtown to tree-lined suburban streets. Typically it tends to be
less expensive than areas to the north or south. Many buyers are surprised how much more they get for
the money. A couple areas of Long Beach have a bad reputation but that's why you hire an agent like
myself to help you navigate to find the perfect place for you.
Buyers looking for an affordable, suburban neighborhood often find the perfect home in Lakewood. It's
comprised of tree-lined streets and homes built mostly in the '50s and '60s. Schools are good and you
are in easy commute of many other cities.
Signal Hill is a small community surrounded by Long Beach. It's the only significant "hill" for miles and it
has some awesome views! It was also the birthplace of the oil boom in California and still has many oil
wells. It's so small that it's easy to forget about including it in your home search. This is one city where
there is quite a bit of newer construction if that's important to you.
Surf City USA is best known for it's great beaches but it also has fantastic schools and lots of wonderful
suburban neighborhoods. Of course, the closer to the beach, the more pricey but there are many
affordable options within a bike ride or short drive.
Westminster is known for it's large Vietnamese community but actually it is quite diverse and offers
some fantastic suburban neighborhoods for home buyers looking for affordable single family homes in
Orange County. It's also a great location for easy access to both Los Angeles County and Orange County.
Rossmoor is actually an unincorporated area of Orange County that, in my opinion is very different than
any other neighborhood in the area. It reminds me of my hometown in the Chicago suburbs with big lots,
tree-lined streets and tons of parks. Less pricey Los Alamitos is right next door and both communities
boast one of the best school districts in the state.
For affordability in Orange County, it's hard to beat Anaheim. The city offers much more than Disneyland
with miles and miles of suburban neighborhoods, a charming historical district if you are looking for a
Craftsman bungalow, and trendy condos near Angels Stadium. You get a lot for your money here!
I mention La Habra Heights because I recently had a buyer find their perfect home here...affordable horse
property with 40 acres! Surrounded by urban sprawl, this city is actually rural with canyons, wildlife and
sweeping views. It's a place you can escape crowds but easily commute to work.
I truly believe Southern California is the best
place in the world to live...and I've lived in a lot
of places!
 --Shari Posey
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