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Shari Posey
& Bob Schneider
(Husband & Realtor)
Sellers -- What I Do That's Different Than 95% of All Listing Agents

I know that's a huge claim but I've been in business almost 9 years, sold more than 130 homes and
have worked with hundreds of agents. And while there are many excellent agents in the area, I do a few
key things very differently that
will net you more money from the sale of your property!
What I Do That's Different...
Shari Posey
Berkshire Hathaway H.S.
(562) 375-1417
Hire a professional photograher. A picture sells more than a thousand words!
Pay extra for a "Showcase Listing" on Realtor.com, the most popular website for
Preview every property before and after your home is listed so I can keep you
updated on the market and other homes competing against yours. I love it when
sellers join me so they can also see what buyers are visiting.
Calling every agent who shows your home for feedback to find out what the buyer
liked & disliked. Sometimes small changes can make a buyer change his or her
mind to buy your home.
Host open houses! Many agents think they are boring but I know from experience
they work to expose your home to more buyers.
Call every agent who has shown to let them know when something changes in your
home or the price. For example, if you paint the deck or lay new sod, a buyer may
reconsider your home.
Most importantly when I get an offer in, I call all the agents who have shown so their
buyers can get off the fence because multiple offers net you more $$.
Work with the buyer's lender and meet the appraiser at the property to help ensure
a good outcome and full loan approval to close on time.
Handle every piece of paperwork of your sale personally so absolutely nothing slips
through the cracks and everything is done to close on time.
Communicate with you almost daily so you know exactly what is going on and can
rest assured I am going to sell your home and do it on time!
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"I am a pretty particular person who doesn't easily give out compliments
but I can not find enough positive things to say about Shari. She's a fine
balance of assertive (when she needs to be) but also knows how to take a
back seat when necessary. I could go on and on...but that's the gist of how
my husband and I feel about Shari."  
              --Janai Umana
When I first started in real estate I "farmed" two neighborhoods. I walked door to door almost every day
introducing myself and I got quite a few listings this way. In my first full year in real estate I was the top
sales person in the office. But I quickly started getting referral business from all over Long Beach and
other cities because those sellers needed to buy a home, and they referred me to friends and family.

I learned that my value to my clients is not having my sign in your yard advertising myself for future
business. My focus is on my clients, not myself. As a seller, my value is what I do to get you the most
money possible. How I do this is by focusing on your house and doing things that hardly any agents do.
Marketing your home is very important but very few agents will really do the extra work to get you
thousands of dollars more. Call me and I will give you references who will be candid about my services.
Why I Changed the Way I do Business...