Short Sale Information for Sellers
Shari Posey
Berkshire Hathaway H.S.
(562) 375-1417
Thank you for all your
help in completing the
short sale of my condo.
It would have never
happened without your
persistence. You were
Linda D.
Is a Short Sale Right for You?

My full-time short sale negotiator and I will meet with you to discuss your particular situation and our
experience with your bank to help you decide if a short sale is in your best interest or not. We will be
honest about your best options, the process and time involved, and the likelihood of success.

What Happens if I Don't Have Late Payments but I am Underwater?

These days many owners are deciding to do “strategic” short sales. Meaning, they owe so much more
than their house is worth they decide it is in the best interest of their family's financial situation to do a
short sale. We will give you a true assessment of your situation.

What Happens if the Property I am Thinking of Short Selling is Tenant-Occupied?

No problem. Many of our short sales are not owner-occupied. The process is the same but we must
have the tenant's cooperation for escrow. The short sale negotiator will go over the details with you and
I will help with the tenant and legal requirements for the lease.

I Have Been Waiting for a Loan Modification but No Luck So Far. Should I Pursue a Short Sale Now?

Unfortunately, some banks will foreclose on a home before they ever give the homeowner an answer
about a loan modification. If your home is in default, please contact me or an attorney as soon as
possible to make sure you are taking the necessary action to stop or delay the foreclosure process.

What Happens During a Short Sale?

Your home will go on the market like a regular sale. You can decide if you want a For Sale Sign in the
yard. After we have an offer and during the entire short sale process you will live in your home. After
bank approval, we will start a normal 30-day escrow.  The bank pays all your closing costs.

We Don't Give Up! We Escalate!

Half of all short sales are denied by banks. However, my team’s record is 95% of our short sales are
approved! We have upper-level contacts with almost every bank. We are like bulldogs and will escalate
your short sale up to the bank president's office if necessary. Seriously.
I really appreciate all of your help through the short sale process.  It's
always been a pleasure working with you and I'm lucky to have had
someone along for the ride with your degree of professionalism and
patience (especially with regards to my impatience!).  It's been a rough
road but you helped me through it, so thanks!    
Kristian M.